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Master Mark Plastics Announces Corporate Name Change

PAYNESVILLE, MN – April 18, 2017 – Master Mark Plastics, a recycler of high-density polyethylene plastics, has announced the company will begin operating under a new corporate name and will be known as Avon Plastics effective immediately.

The name change is a return to the company’s original name – Avon Plastics – upon it’s founding in 1966. The change is the result of a corporate strategy to provide a renewed focus on the company’s product brands and services. The name change also reflects the company’s original corporate vision ‘to manufacture products for a brighter future.’

In additional to providing business-to-business recycled plastic material and custom molding/extrusion services, Avon Plastics is also the manufacturer of the following brands that are sold through home building supply and lawn and garden retailers throughout the United States and Canada:

Armadillo – low maintenance, high-quality exterior composite decking.

Grid Axcents – privacy, square, and traditional lattice.

Master Mark – a variety of plastic lawn and garden products for professionals and do-it-yourself homeowners.

“As one of the most significant innovators in our industry, we view this name change as yet another bold step towards solidifying the reputation of our branded products,” said Mark Reum, second generation owner and chief executive officer of Avon Plastics. “We believe this name change will eliminate confusion and allow us to more effectively structure our company and market our brands and services – both those available today and new products that are in development.”

Avon Plastics is one of the largest and most experienced recyclers of high-density polyethylene plastics. They hold awards for service, products, and quality including from the United Nations’ Environmental Programme Award.