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Plastic Resin Recycling Division

Avon Plastic’s technology allows us to make use of recycled materials in virtually any profile design, eliminating waste and saving you money. Recycled plastic profiles are just as strong, durable, and flexible as profiles manufactured from new or “virgin” plastic. We’re committed to our customers and to sustainable business practices. Our leading-edge recycling and extrusion technologies, coupled with our focus on quality, consistency, and scale, allow us to meet and exceed our clients’ resin needs.

We offer a variety of plastic raw materials including virgin, “near prime”, compounds, regrinds, 100% post-consumer, 50% post-consumer, and custom/fractional blends.

You can rely on Avon Plastics to:

Buy and sell surplus, obsolete and scrap plastic materials.
Sell quality plastic in various forms, including: regrind, off-grade and virgin.
Produce and supply consistent quality plastic compounds.
Provide dependable plastic recycling and processing services on a toll basis.

Additionally, we can provide custom recycling plastics solutions, including:

Custom Color
Custom Compounded
Custom Washing
Toll Grinding


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